Report a Malfunctioning Engine

To report a failure with a model or high-power rocket engine, complete and submit this form. If your browser does not support forms, you may e-mail the requested information to or print out a copy of the form and mail it to the address at the bottom of the page.

Engine Data

Engine Type
(e.g., C6-3, D12-7)
Date or other code on casing (e.g., 10X6)
(On some motors, this code may be located on an endcap that is destroyed during operation. Check other motors from that same package, if any.)

Failure Data

Date of Failure
Geographic Location
Approximate Temperature
(Deg F)
(estimated actual delay)
(describe where)

Comments Please include how long the motor burned before failure.

Reported By

City: State: Zip:
Member Number(s): NAR: CAR: TRA:

Malfunctioning Engine Statistical Survey
PO Box 407
Marion, IA 52302